watch1Have you ever caught yourself saying "wow, where did that week go"? or "That year just flew by", or "I’ve lost track of the days", or "When am I going to have time to do that", or "There’s not enough hours in the day"………….These are just a few of the lines we hear from really busy people, and they’re lines I catch myself saying also. The reality is that since Man created a way to measure time, once with the stars and lunar cycles but now usually found on your wrist, on your wall, on your phone, or other electronic gadget we’re constantly reminded and made aware of TIME.

Time is one commodity that once used you can’t get it back. If you’re not making the progress towards your goals or getting caught up in the busyness of business and in life and stressed out because you have too much to do and too little TIME, then there’s a simple formula to help you get back in control of your TIME. It’s not Time management but SELF Management. You can CHOOSE how you wish to USE TIME. A simple process I use is the 10:70:20 formula. It’s 10% Future, 70% Present, 20% Past. Every activity we involve ourselves in will fall into one of these categories, and will depend on your Role, or the Role of your team members. Take a Self Employed painter as an example.

Working 40 hours per week and using the 10:70:20 ratio he might plan his week like this. 4 Hours per week on Future. This would be networking, Sales activity like prospecting, looking for future work, following up on referrals etc. 28 Hours per week would be allocated to planning the job, doing the site measures, getting the supplies, travel to jobs, cleaning up on site. Basically all the ‘On the Tools" jobs. That would leave 8 hours per week to look after the PAST. To get all the invoicing sorted, pay the accounts, do the admin, follow up with the customers etc.

Unless there is TIME allocated for each of these activities it won’t be too long that the busyness, and reactiveness of the business will prevail and the PAST will become overwhelming and as the saying goes "Stuck in the Past".

Stake stock NOW! Use the Ascent process from last weeks Tip to get awareness around your effectiveness of TIME

Have an Intention to be effective with your TIME, choose to Plan how you will use it, Choose to make TIME for it All and you will HAVE it All……..

Here’s Maximising Your use of Time….



Five Years ago I was introduced to a simple yet very effective process that has helped me to stay in motion, and I’m sure if you adopted it, it  will serve you well also. The process is called an "Ascent" , and it can serve many purposes and many benefits depending on how you choose to apply it. Don’t worry it’s not some weird ritual, but like anything it requires discipline and persistence to really maximise it’s effectiveness. For me I use the Ascent process to raise my own awareness, to gain clarity, and to enable me to be deliberate about what I choose to Be and Do for NOW and the FUTURE.I can’t really do much about what has just happened, but I can however learn from the past and by spending a little time each week to REFLECT I can quickly identify events, and outcomes that went well (Achievements), not so well  (Learnings) and then I can shift my thinking to the Future and get clear about what I want to achieve, or manifest to happen in the future.

 This is a 3-part process and begins by listing out all of your ACHIEVEMENTS (both business and personal) for the week. When you look back on the past week, what were the highlights, successes, milestones, the battles you fought and won? It’s these ACHIEVEMENTS that provide the real foundation blocks for your future success and provide you with the forward momentum to build on. By not taking the time out to acknowledge your achievements you’re missing out on a very powerful tool.

 Next, look back on all the failures, disappointments and low points throughout the week, the times when things did not work out as you’d planned. From these events and experiences list what I call your LEARNINGS. A failure is really only ever a failure if you miss the great learning opportunity that always goes with it. If you don’t take the time to reflect on these times, chances are you’ll miss the gift of learning, and guess what? You’ll more often than not get to repeat the low point some other time in the not too distant future. Learn from your mistakes; turn them in to the gift that they really are.
The third and final part of the “Ascent” process is to list out what I call your INTENTIONS for the coming week. What specifically are your “Intentions” for the week ahead…the things, events and outcomes you’d like to become a reality? Intentions are really separate from goals; they define the framework within which you’ll set your goals. Always make sure that you have a balance of personal and business intentions. Intentions are not To Do Lists either. For example you might set an Intention to Be Positive, to Be Generous, Be Grateful, Give great service, It’s a combination of Mindset and Task Based Intentions.
I have made it as part of my routine to complete my Ascent weekly, then every 90 Days and Annually.
Remember the definition of Insanity  ……….."Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different Result". That usually comes about because we get too caught up in the Busyness of Business and Life and don’t take the time to Reflect. By making the Ascent process a habit and part of your routine will help you stay not only Sane, It will help you to Thrive….
Another way you can use this is to share your ascent with collegues, superiors, friends and family to give them a heads up of what’s up and vice versa. This can be used as a communication tool in teams and groups to help be connected, be supportive.
Have fun playing with this………….Keeping you Maximised


Kia Ora ………Today marks the day as my first step into the On-Line Blogging space. The purpose of taking this step is to Live what I Teach….which encompasses a range of things, but in this instance it’s about getting out of my comfort zone. Whilst familiar with the basics of email, web searching, google, facebook and the likes, Blogging is a vehicle I’ve decided to have a play with. A central place for me to create, express, and share with whomever stumbles upon it. 

Some of you may be wondering about my Nickname Kuz…………..Being  of NZ Maori descent with my Dad being Maori and my Mum European means I have a range of distinct features and the blend of two cultures. But really I’m a typical Kiwi and proud of it.

For those not familiar with the term Cuzzy Bro……..It comes from the perception that all NZ Maori are related, and that everyone is a cousin of everyone and related through some generation and connected.

Being raised in Christchurch the ratio of Maori to Eurpean was quite significant. I was in most cases the only Maori in the class at school, the one of only a few in sports teams., then when joing the workforce the only Maori working in the office, then later in my career the only maori working in Business Coaching. I’m sure over time this pattern will change significantly.

So how did I get my Nick-name?…….. It was when working at Mainfreight. Being the only Maori in the office, I might also add the shy, but sometimes cheeky one., my colleagues started referring to me as the Cuz…. The Cuz in the Team, and from there it has stuck.

I decided to spell it with a "K" because my first name begins with that………So from here on I’ll be signing off with Kuz or Karl and you’ll know it’s the same person..

By the way, If you spot spelling mistakes or incorrect grammer, It’s up to you how you let it impact, I mean how important is it really???

All the Best with taking some steps towards whatever is a worthy cause for you.

cheers Kuz

PS: It might not be perfect either, but guess what……….it’s better than what it was 5 minutes ago.