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If you’re like me you were raised to go to school, get great grades, find a job that pays well and work diligently climbing the ladder to a top position. Sound familiar?

Well that’s the path I was on for the first 33 years of my life………… Until I had a few life-changing events that started me thinking about what the next chapters of my life were going to be about. You see climbing the corporate ladder meant making some sacrifices, which I have now come to realise were actually choices. I didn’t think Managing Work Life Balance was going to be important, but the choices I made were based on what I believed to be important or priorities for my life then.
That was until I lost my dad and I started a family!
As a kid growing up I had an amazing ability to dream about my future, and what I wanted to be when I grew up, and what I wanted to have. I never knew, or had to consider the significant responsibilities that were going to come along as I developed from being a child to an adult, a parent, and husband.
When moving through the stage of having to fend for oneself, and then evolving to care for children, all of a sudden numerous responsibilities enter one’s life, and then we’re confronted with the challenge of Managing Work Life Balance.
So how do you do it? How do you Manage Work Life Balance?
Step 1 to Managing work life balance is to identify the various aspects of your life. For example you can group most things you’re involved in under the following categories: Work/Career/ Business, Financial, Relationships, Wellbeing, and Spirituality.
Step 2 to Managing work life balance is to rate each area on a scale of 1 – 10 of being satisfied with that area.
Step 3 to Managing work life balance is to create an inspiring vision of what your life is like when the areas are all rating a 10/10.
Step 4 to Managing work life balance is to set some goals and take positive actions towards improving in the areas you want to.
Step 5 to Managing work life balance is to review your progress weekly through the art of Reflection. That way you’ll be monitoring your progress and making fine tuning touches as you go.
Choose to have a life where your career / business, financial, relationships, wellbeing, and spirituality is all thriving, and achieved by Managing Work Life Balance. 


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To your Sucess
Karl Waretini (crayon coach)


Karl Waretini, Basic Author

Goal Setting Lessons      "My Mountain Bike Story"

Tony Heading down hill towards Taylors Mistake

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At the Start of this year I RESET a personal goal. "To ride my mountain bike from home in Halswell to Taylors Mistake, along the tracks, by the end of March 2010". (approx 40km)
I say RESET because I never achieved it the first time I made this goal last year. I allowed other things to take over, and allowed other priorities to push it down the list. I made choices, and decisions that meant it wasn’t achieved. I accept that as part of my Learning’s, however I still had the BURNING DESIRE (Lesson 1) to tick it off my list. 

Well the good news is I have NAILED IT!! and Achieved my Goal !! and I am now REFLECTING on the Process I went through so I can capture what worked, what didn’t and use that as my model for achieving other goals.

Lesson 1. Burning Desire

I had a burning desire right from the outset, and was inspired by my goal. By achieving it I knew there would be numerous benefits, like being fitter, healthier, and having more energy. All of these were the reason WHY? and the PURPOSE of the Goal.

Lesson 2. Purpose ( Your Why?)

The Purpose is what drives people and it’s what drove me. The reasons for doing it and the reason WHY? were the motivators. I have learnt that the WHY? is the most powerful component. If you have a big enough WHY? or reason to do something ….you will figure out the HOW to achieve it. I see so many times people start to strategise and create their Plan or How to , before they’re connected to the reason WHY? only to give up after the first hurdle. It’s the Why? that cultivates the Passion and Pushes you through the barriers or blocks.

 Lesson 3. Commitment

For me it’s no use setting a goal unless you’re committed to it, and committed to doing what it takes to achieving it. I have set so many goals in my life, some I have achieved, some I haven’t. There’s something in common for all of them being achieved or not…"Commitment". It’s as simple as that.

Lesson 4. Define your Vision (Visualisation)

Writing an Inspiring Vision was the next step I took towards achieving my Goal. This helped me connect with the end in mind. I painted a picture in my own mind of what it would be like having already achieved it.

Here it is……….
" I’ve done it. Hayley and the kids have met me at Taylors Mistake for a swim and to collect me after my huge ride from home. After setting out early in the morning I have arrived safely. Exhausted yet very satisfied with my achievement. The bike ran smooth, and since my fitness levels were so good I have recovered quickly. The Melaleuca sports products played a huge part in providing me the necessary energy. I now know why the Olympic athletes and long distant swimmer Tammy Van Weisser rave about them"
"I’m now set to enter an official event with some friends"

Use this Vision Tool to create your own Inspiring Vision  

Lesson 5. Plan / Determine the Steps

Now that you’ve Defined what and where you’re heading, the next step is to Determine what and how you’re going to achieve it. For this goal it was simple. Get Fit enough to complete it. I had been out on rides for up to an hour, but not the almost 4 that it was going to take. So my plan was to steadily increase the length of time I would be out on each ride. I also had to master more hill work, as a significant part of the ride is uphill. so riding up hill and often was my plan, rather than on the flats. Working out how I was going to have the energy, or fuel on board was something I needed to plan. I used Melaleuca Access Bars and Sustain Sports drink for the entire event. The Access Bars have patented technology that allowed me to utilise my stored body fat, and use that as fuel, whilst the Sustain kept me re-hydrated.  

Lesson 6. Share it

Share your goal with your Coach, your partner, a friend, or someone you know will support you. They can help hold the aspiration there for you, support, encourage, and hold you accountable to taking the steps towards achieving it.

Lesson 7. Team Up

If you know someone who has similar aspirations or goals, then it’s a good idea to team up. For me I heard about a group of guys that went out for a mountain bike ride every weekend. I decided to tag along, and by doing so I was around other like minded people. I was able to train in an environment that was supportive and encouraging and was consistent.

Lesson 8. Review and Measure

During the time I was training I reviewed how I was feeling, and measuring my times for each ride. and then before completing the full ride I broke it down into two sections. This allowed me to familiarise myself with the track and get used to what was going to be ahead of me on the day.

Lesson 9. KAIZEN – Small Steps / Gradual Improvement

A significant part of the ride and the first part in particular is a steady ascent up Kennedy’s Bush Track. When looking from the flats it can be somewhat daunting. My strategy for this part of the ride was breaking it down into little bites / or steps. Rather than focus on the top of the hill, I focussed on a bush or tussock about 10 metres ahead on the side of the track. Each time I reached it I gave myself a little ‘Well Done, made it" then focussed on another bush or tussock and repeated "Well Done , made it". When the going was getting real tough, I simply affirmed to myself to dig it in and keep in motion. This process meant I had mini celebrations all the way to the end. The big challenge was actually a series of small ones. They were all managable and were all able to be celebrated in a positive way.

Lesson 10. Celebrate Success

Take some time, or do something to acknowledge your achievement. I have decided to buy a toddler attachment for my bike so Lewis (my son) can join me when he’s a couple of months older. 

Lesson 11. Gratitude

Thank you to:
Nic, Sam and the BNI crew for the weekend rides.
Tony for partnering up with me for the pre-lim and ride on the day." The Access Top did the trick"
Mike for holding me accountable to my Goals
Hayley, Ella, Beth and Lewis for allowing me the time to train

Thank you all for helping me honor my Theme for the Year " Breaking New Ground" and having "FUN" !

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Have Fun and Stay in Motion

Warm Regards
Karl Waretini
“The Crayon Coach”
Passion and Purpose for Prosperity




With my Theme for the year being "Breaking New Ground" I couldn’t think of anything more appropriate than spending some time with my whanau and getting immersed in some cultural festivities celebrating Waitangi Day. We travelled to Okains Bay, and it was there that I jumped at the chance to break some NEW GROUND and get out of my comfort zone….I had my first experience in a waka "Maori canoe", and I have reflected on my experience and share the paralels with Business.

Before we could even be seated in the waka we had to go through some training, and this was most interesting considering 90% of us had never been in a waka before, and 20% were from overseas and didn’t speak english let alone Maori.

Lesson 1. TEAM SELECTION. Before setting off on our journey the chief selected his paddlers based on size, strengths and experience. He had us all line up from tallest to shortest, then selected his most experienced paddlers as the head paddlers sitting at the head of the waka.

Lesson 2. UPSKILLING and TRAINING. Our chief then started training us all in the various strokes, including names, calls or chants. One thing I noticed is we were all involved in the process. We all had our paddles, and we were all standing where we would eventually be seated in the waka. He then proceeded to run us through all the drills as we would be doing them in the waka. All communications were in Maori so we had to listen carefully, and match the communications with the actions.

Lesson 3. TRUST. once seated in the waka, but prior to setting off we had a Karakia "prayer" to acknowledge and pay respects to the waters and the journey ahead.

Lesson 4. LEADERSHIP. Something I noticed about the Chief is that he positioned himself right in the middle of the waka amongst his paddlers. He was LEADING within. Not from the front and not from behind. He was close to everyone where his communications could be heard by all. We had TRUST in his decision making and direction because he wasn’t paddling and he could look ahead for obstacles, which in this case was shallow waters.

Lesson 5. COMMUNICATION. Throughout our journey there was constant communication. Not only by the chief, but by all the paddlers. This enabled us to all paddle in time, preventing our paddles clashing, and making each stroke more effective, using less energy, and making for a smooth ride.

Lesson 6. ROLE MODEL. With our two most experienced paddlers at the front of the waka, the rest of the crew had an excellent lead to follow, even if there were some language challenges everyone was still able to follow a lead, follow a standard, and follow a system or in this case a rhythm.

Lesson 7. COMRADERIE / TEAMWAORK. At the conclusion of our trip there was a huge sense of achievement and pupose with complete strangers shaking hands, and congratulating each other on reaching our Goal, which was to paddle safely down the river to our destination.

Lesson 8. GRATITUDE. Having experienced my first waka journey I am grateful for the opportunity to connect with my Maori culture, Trust the Process, and share in significant celebrations from a significant National occasion.

Thank You to all the Okains Bay Tangata-whenua for their generosity,  with their sharing, hospitality, and Aroha.