Last week I had a wee insight into the challenges of parenting. A big part of me wants to provide everything for my kids, make sure they have every opportunity to live their life to the fullest, never need for anything. Something similar and fairly common to other parents we know. Having some awareness around Abundance and having an abundant mentality certainly helps to honour that intention. However, how does that alighn with not wanting to spoil them?. Well I guess we need to distinguish and have an understanding of what a spoilt kid is. To me a spoilt kid is one who recieves something from someone for pleasure and enjoyment, but has no appreciation, gratitude, thanks, or respect. So the question is this. How can we raise kids with an abundance mentality, a mentality that there is more than enough of everything for everyone to enjoy? How can we provide for them so they can flourish and at the same time have virtues of Gratitude, Kindness, Generosity, Humility, and Respect.?. Have you ever said to your kids….you can’t have that, we can’t afford it. You can’t have that you havn’t earnt it. What do those message send…..Does it mean money is hard to get? Does it imply a scarcity mentality? what questions can we ask before passing off a default reply or comment?

Today Ella asked if she could have a Nintendo gizmo, she said all her friends had one….you know how it goes. Rather than replying straight away with one of the above I asked "So how do you think you could raise the money to pay for it?" Well that kicked the mind into gear…….She thought she could go through all her old toys and things and maybe sell them on Trade Me, that way she could pay for them…I added, yes and maybe there are some items you could donate and give to other kids that don’t have them….Now there’s probably a whole lot of other ways to handle things and we can evolve this further , but now that we have awareness we can work on other strategies.


Ever since I started my journey on Personal Development, deliberately and on purpose, I was constantly reminded by those in the know that we need to embrace the concept of Abundance and have an abundant mentality. My interpretation of this subject of abundance is that there is more than enough of everything for everyone. There is an abundance of Food, Water, Love, Money, Opportunity and practically everything else you can think of. Someone once told me that if all the money in the world was distributed equally amongst every living person each would have over a Million Dollars. When I was growing up I can recall comments that I had to work hard for money. Money is hard to get. We can’t afford that. Money didn’t grow on trees and all that stuff. Now I know several family members over the generations have had to deal with a range of different challenges that I havn’t and  I can totally understand how one can reach those conclusions. In more recent times we are hearing about a whole lot of challenges out there now, which might make it hard to grasp the concept of Abundance…….So where has all the money gone? Is there less now than the last decade? Did someone pack a heap of it up and send it out somewhere else? Surely the same money is out there now, it’s just not flowing. So I guess we have some choices. We can choose to hold onto Self Limiting Beliefs or Past Beliefs, or we can choose to embrace some new Beliefs like an Abundance mentality that there is more than enough for everyone. Now say each comments below out loud and register the emotion that is connected.

It’s tough times right now and It’s hard to make money! ….what emotion is connected, how does that comment make you feel?

It’s a great time to be open to the abundance of opportunities and maximise them to make money!….what emotion is connected, how does that comment make you feel?

Which comment is your Belief?….which one do you choose?


golfer-putt1 What is it that you love that you’d like to do (or do more of) for a living? The most gratifying rewards are fulfilment and joy, but today I want to share five questions to consider when you want to make money pursuing your purpose – that "thing" you are passionate about. Many people know what their passion is, but are frustrated in the process of trying to turn their passion into profit. Whether you are running your own company, starting a business, or seeking that next promotion or job, answer these five questions to help you increase the financial rewards of doing what you love:

1. WHAT DIFFERENCE ARE YOU PASSIONATE ABOUT MAKING IN THE LIVES OF OTHERS? Notice, I didn’t ask "what are you passionate about"? Instead, I want you to determine the purpose of your passion, which is using it to positively impact the world. That type of drive attracts opportunities that often lead to raises, job offers, and new business. To turn your passion into profit, you must fulfil a purpose that others need or want. Unfortunately, people and companies aren’t particularly concerned with whether you get to pursue your passion. They spend money on people, products and services that fulfil their needs and desires. When you focus on your passion – then find a way to allow your passion to impact others, you have a winning formula!
2. HAVE YOU MASTERED YOUR CRAFT? It isn’t enough to have talent. Allow your passion to fuel a desire to learn more about your field of endeavour – and improve your skills and knowledge. Those who "master their craft," go above and beyond others in their field. They introduce new ways of doing things, inspire trends, and blaze trails that others follow.
3. ARE YOU PASSION-DRIVEN OR PROFIT-DRIVEN? When you are passionate about what you do, you give 100%. Those who are most sought-after for their skills are often those whose passion creates results that people need. Their passion for what they do sparks creativity, perseverance and excellence. You cannot underestimate the power of passion to produce excellence and perseverance – two assets you need to truly profit from what you love. Success comes to those who are willing to stay the course despite adversities, challenges and distractions.
4. DO YOU KNOW HOW TO MAKE MONEY? If the goal is to increase your income, then seek knowledge about how best to do that. Many people fail to earn more because they haven’t made financial education a priority. While passion is a key to attracting financial rewards, making more money also means learning to living below your means, ask for what you are worth, invest and spend wisely. If you are running a business, it also means hiring good people (financial and legal advisors, as well as team), marketing, and reigning in expenses. Take classes, read financial books, and learn lessons from those who are where you want to be.
5. ARE YOU WILLING TO TAKE A LEAP OF FAITH? Fear is the biggest obstacle to pursuing your dreams. Many people insist it is a lack of money or time or resources, but it is often a fear of failure, rejection, or even a fear of success, that holds a person back. What is it that you’ve wanted to pursue that you’ve been hesitating about? Take baby steps if you have to, but be willing to step out on faith to use the natural gifts and talents that you are passionate about. If you do what you love, patiently and persistently, the rewards WILL come. Feel the FEAR and do it anyway. What’s the worst thing that can happen? What’s the best thing that can happen?