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 What is it that you love that you’d like to do (or do more of) for a living? The most gratifying rewards are fulfilment and joy, but today I want to share five questions to consider when you want to make money pursuing your purpose – that "thing" you are passionate about. Many people know […]

Have you ever caught yourself saying "wow, where did that week go"? or "That year just flew by", or "I’ve lost track of the days", or "When am I going to have time to do that", or "There’s not enough hours in the day"………….These are just a few of the lines we hear from really busy […]

  Five Years ago I was introduced to a simple yet very effective process that has helped me to stay in motion, and I’m sure if you adopted it, it  will serve you well also. The process is called an "Ascent" , and it can serve many purposes and many benefits depending on how you […]