crystal-ballCreating Vision and Mission Statements are key Strategies for Creating a Brighter Future, achieving goals or taking yourself or your business, group, organisation to the next level.Something very powerful happens when we embrace this strategy and engage in this process and when done effectively you will experience some amazing Results. 

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So what’s the purpose of creating vision and mission statements?

The Purpose or reason why you should create them is to inspire you or others to take action towards a Brighter Future.

Having a vision written in your own words, with the pleasurable end result expressed clearly can unleash deep creative forces of desire, commitment and personal power.
The theory is that in writing, you activate the right side of your brain and you put in action a process of unconscious goal setting. This process motivates you on a deep level to create and exploit circumstances, opportunities and your will power to focus your efforts to achieve your goal.
Some people report after writing a vivid description of their vision, that their goal became effortless, that circumstances appeared to conspire to their advantage and that everything seemed to fall into place.
When writing your vision, describe the view of what it looks like. Describe who is in it, what it looks like physically. Describe what the environment looks like. Describe the benefits of having your vision become a reality. What positives come from achieving it?
Tip 1 for creating vision and mission statements – Write at least half a page – Engage yourself and feel how great it’s going to be to achieve your goals – get carried away! 
Tip 2 for creating vision and mission statements – Time Travel ahead 90 days – write about your pleasurable end result! Tell us what’s happening around you! 
Tip 3 for creating vision and mission statements – Use present tense language – “I have achieved what I had set out to do” 
Tip 4 for creating vision and mission statements – Involve your senses – what can you smell, hear, touch, feel emotionally and see when you have achieved your goal? 
Tip 5 for creating vision and mission statements – Make it exciting and inspiring! 
Tip 6 for creating vision and mission statements – Read it out aloud five times and make changes as you go along.

You can enhance your vision and mission statements by making your own slideshow, short video or mind movie. Include pictures, images, sound effects, yourself, voices etc. Make a point of watching it at least once or ideally twice a day.   

To your success
Karl Waretini (Crayon Coach)


Karl Waretini, Basic Author