Richie McCaw 2009 006Hornby Club Day 2009[

Having been away from the office for a week now, I have started to Reflect on the Highlights of 2009. In particular the people I have met that that have achieved great success in their chosen field and Passion. I am always inspired meeting Leaders in person, who are making signficant differences in the lives of others or achieving outstanding Results. In 2009 I was fortunate to meet these guys I respect and admire. 

Left : Richie McCaw who has just been awarded IRB world rugby "PLAYER of the Year" made an appearance at Hornby’s Junior registration day. He stayed on for hours signing autographs and being in photos with kids, mums and dads. The photo is me explaining to Richie our special  "Mike Waretini memorial Cup" which gets presented at our annual prize giving for our clubs "Event of the year" This year it went to Hornby’s Club Day where over 3000 spectators turned out to see our Greatest First Five turn out…more below.

Right: Daniel Carter made his debut club senior game for Southbridge at Hornby’s club day. It was his first return match from an archilles tendon injury he suffered in France, and the first step back to representative and All Black honours. This occasion was a magical event considering the challenge our club faced before the season started. We almost pulled our senior team from the competition but with "Passion and Purpose..Anything is Possible"