Starting out Strong in 2010

To support you in starting the year strong I have provided the attached tools for you to use. please feel free to download the following documents so you can get some focus and really "Harness the Energy of the NEW YEAR"

Work / Life Balance This quick checklist will provide some valuable insights as to where and how balanced your life is. It’s a good idea to complete it with your partner, to see how aligned you are.

10 Steps Planning Tool I was introduced to this six years ago and every year in January I make a date with myself to complete it in full. This single document alone can set your whole year up. You will find it re-energises, reconnects, and inspires you by having clear Focus again. Some complete this as a couple, and others complete with their team as part of their strategic planning. We will be covering this as a part of our "Planning Your Success in 2010" workshop being held on January 28th, so this is a great place to start getting in the right mindset. "if you fail to plan….you plan to fail"

Remember the Best way to Predict the Future is to Create it !!!

All the Best with Starting your Year Strong

I’m really excited about 2010…….My theme for the year is FUN, Breaking New Ground, and Abundance, so if you can help me stay the course with those intentions I’ll be most GRATEFUL.

Have FUN and stay in Motion

Warm Regards

Karl Waretini

"The Crayon Coach”

Passion and Purpose for Prosperity