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  This would have to be my number 1 Highlight for 2009 Lewis Micol Walter Waretini (IWA) entered the world on 17th August 2009. "IWA" represents the number 9 in Maori and is a special number for Lewis. When I was asking about the birthdates of the Males in the family they all added up to 9 in numerology Lewis                            1+7+0+8+2+0+0+9 […]

  In October I was fortunate to meet the founder of Melaleuca "Frank Vandersloot" Frank started Melaleuca in 1985 and has built the company into an almost US billion dollars in annual revenues. What impressed me the most about Frank is his down to earth and groundedness. He is very humble, generous, thoughtful. Something I also admire […]

[ Having been away from the office for a week now, I have started to Reflect on the Highlights of 2009. In particular the people I have met that that have achieved great success in their chosen field and Passion. I am always inspired meeting Leaders in person, who are making signficant differences in the […]